Monday, May 25, 2015


We had a wonderful time hiking to Waterfall Canyon with Jesus.   

RESTROOMS at trailhead if they are unlocked.
RATINGS: - Moderate
MILEAGE - 2.8 miles total
KIDS enjoy this hike.
        • From SLC drive northbound I-15,
        • you'll see the "US 89" exit 326 after driving by Lagoon,
        • continue on US 89 northbound to Ogden, 
        • drive past I-84 and continue on US 89 up a hill,
        • get in the right lane and turn right on Harrison Blvd,
        • turn right on 30th Street drive toward foothills,
        • turn left and drive to 29th Street
        • turn right on 29th Street and drive to the foothills to the trailhead.
        • Allow 1 hour drive time from SLC  
      GEAR:  Hikers must bring picture ID to enter the privately own canyon.
      Dog owners must bring plastic poop bags.
      Hiking stick or poles are highly recommended.
      You may get your shoes wet on this hike.
      Bring water, sunscreen, hat, rain jacket, camera, food, & first aid.

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