Sunday, May 25, 2008

Battle Creek Falls

It looked like a rainy day; but God gave us sun! A wonderful cool day for a Sunday hike. We saw four big horn sheep, humming birds, dragon flies, squirrels, and a Summer Tanager bird. Wonderful rock outcroppings, and a splendid view of snowcapped Timpanogos.
Adventure in the foothills above Pleasant Grove, Utah
See three different waterfalls and a pond.
Less than 1 mile to the big falls. Kids hike to this one.
The other 2 falls are smaller and no further than 1/2 mile away, but require hiking up a steep trail with loose rock.
Make sure you have a hiking stick.
RESTROOM ~ outhouse is available at the Kiwanis Picnic area.
MEET PLACE: Battle Creek Canyon parking or call for carpooling
DRIVE TIME: 45 minutes (36 miles) from SLC
DIRECTIONS: from SLC take I-15 southbound,
take exit 279 and turn left,
turn right on State Street and follow US 89,
turn left on Main Street and follow US 89 & drive a few miles,
(you're heading for the canyon on the right side of the big G)
when you see the large American flag at Maceys get in the left lane,
you'll pass Center Street, then turn left on 200 South
(small side street)
drive east toward the mountains on 200 South,
enter dead end road, pass the water tank, look for Kiwanis dirt parking lot.
KIDS & DOGS are welcome on this hike.
Watch out for exposure & steep drop offs.
RATINGS: NEWBIES to first falls ~ MODERATE to second.
HIKE TIME: 2 hours
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, first aid, camera, & jacket.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Waterfall Canyon

God gives us wonderful days and beautiful places to hike.
I have never seen so much water at Waterfall Canyon.
See it during the Spring run-off.
And make sure you "pack it out" ~ don't leave orange peels,
and garbage.

Enjoy a hike on the foothills of Ogden into a beautiful hidden canyon.
From the trailhead shelter, take the trail going up the hill,
At the Bonneville Shoreline trail
turn right for the Short route,
the trail joins the Bonneville Shoreline trail, after crossing a bridge, and turn left and hike up the canyon.
or turn left for the Scenic Tour,
at the first junction (BST marker),
take the trail down the hill to the Spring,
after passing it, turn right on the next trail,
(this trail will take you up the hill and southbound)
At the next junction, (BST marker), continue straight, and do not take the trails up Taylor Canyon or the one back down the hill.
you will climb and pass a rock outcropping overlooking the valley, (good place for a break)
continue until you reach the first canyon,
cross a stream on a wooden bridge and take the trail up the canyon.
you'll pass a cherry tree, and cross a wooden bridge.
MILEAGE - 3 mile loop, 1200' elevation gain
KIDS - are welcome. Be prepared to carry younger children.
The stream can be dangerous, make sure you watch them at all times.
DIRECTIONS: From SLC drive northbound I-15,
take exit 334, US 89 northbound to Ogden after passing Lagoon.
drive on the James V Hansen highway (US 89) northbound,
turn right on Harrison Blvd;
turn right on 30th Street drive toward mountains,
turn left on Tyler,
turn right on 29th Street and drive toward mountains,
the road ends at the top, turn right into the 29th Street Trailhead parking,
(do not leave any valuables in your car)
Plan at least 1 hour drive time from SLC.
No restrooms available at the trailhead or on the hike.

GEAR: Hiking stick or poles are highly recommended.
Wear your water shoes, and get your feet wet.
Bring water, sunscreen, hat, jacket, camera, food, & first aid.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little Dell Canyon ~ Mountain biking

What a marvelous view of the mountains and valleys,
looking down from Big Mountain Pass.
God blessed us with another great ride.

Sometimes we wore jackets and sometimes we took them off.
Birds were singing.
Wildflowers were blooming.
Little Dell Reservoir sparkled.

Little Dell Canyon
Utah state road 65 is a paradise for bikers in the Spring.
The road to East Canyon is gated off for the Winter.
It is a safe place to ride your bike without any traffic.
On the return trip, mountain bikers may wish to take the lower Pioneer trail to Little Dell Reservoir.
MILEAGE: 5 miles each way, 1550' elevation gain.
RIDE TIME: 3 1/4 hours, with 1/2 break sitting on the bench at Big Mtn Pass.
RESTROOMS: are available at the parking lot, on the road & at the pass.
drive up Parley's Canyon I-80,
take exit 134,
turn left and drive up state road 65 toward East Canyon,
do not turn left & drive up to Emigration Canyon,
turn right into Little Dell Reservoir parking lot.
free parking for bikers only, &
if you plan to hike or enjoy the reservoir you must pay the parking fee.

Lower Pioneer Trail
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy an easy singletrack, on the old Pony Express trail.
Start your ride at the outhouse (east side of road).
You'll cross a wooden bridge, pedal through woods, and meadows.
At the reservoir, take the dirt road back to the parking lot.
A great trail for kids & those new to mountain biking.
MILEAGE: 1 1/2 miles, 240' elevation loss.
RATINGS: Newbies (beginner ~ nontechnical)