Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frary Peak

Ever escape to an Island, peaceful, with great views. God blessed us with a warm Summer day in Autumn.

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy great views of the Great Salt Lake hiking to the highest point on Antelope Island. You'll see bison, lizards, breathtaking views, and colorful rocks along the trail. Visit Antelope Island ~ Utah State Park.
DIRECTIONS: From SLC, take I-15 northbound, take exit 332, Antelope Drive, turn left and travel west to Antelope Island State Park. Listen to 530 AM for park information. Take the Garr Ranch road on the Island, and slow down and watch out for bison. Look for a paved road on the right, which will take you to the trailhead parking area.
FEE: Entrance fee is $9 per vehicle.
MILEAGE: 3.3 miles to 6,596' Frary Peak.
  • Intermediate ~ 3 miles from trailhead to Antenna Hill.
  • Difficult ~ .3 miles from Antenna Hill to Frary Peak.
Hike is not recommended for kids or beginners. We did see some superkids, families & elderly making it to the summit; but this is a hard hike.
RESTROOMS: Are available at the park entrance & visitor center. There are none at the trailhead and few places of privacy on the trail.
DRIVE TIME: From entrance to trailhead allow 30 minutes. Allow 1 hour drive from SLC.
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours to summit and 2 hours return to trailhead parking.
TOTAL TIME: From entrance gate & back ~ allow 7 hours.
RULES: no dogs allowed, no camping, and you must return by dusk or you'll receive a citation. Roads are gated off 1/2 hour after it gets dark.
GEAR: Desert hiking gear ~ extra water (including water in your vehicle when you return), energy snacks, fruits, sack lunch, hiking poles, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and toilet kit. (TP, shovel, ziplock bag).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn hike to Dog Lake

God does not dwell in buildings made with hands. What a wonderful Sunday afternoon hike, one day before Autumn.

DESCRIPTION: This is a gentle 3 mile climb to the top, where you'll meet the Desolation trail. Dog Lake is another .1 mile down the hill. We took the trailhead from the lower parking lot and returned down the Great Western trail to the upper parking area.
MILEAGE: 3.1 miles to Dog Lake ~ 1,150' e.g.
RATINGS: Moderate
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
MILLCREEK CANYON: Odd days are dog days & Even are mountain biking.
DIRECTIONS: The upper Millcreek parking lots are often crowded. We encourage people to carpool from the Millcreek park-n-ride on Wasatch Blvd. and 3900 South (gravel lot). Millcreek Canyon can be found at 3800 South & Wasatch Blvd. Drive to the top of the canyon & park.
FEE: $2.25 per vehicle leaving the canyon.
DOGS are welcome up the Millcreek trail only.
Dog owners need to learn the Millcreek Leash Law.
Also, It is illegal to bring dogs into Big Cottonwood watershed area.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Legacy Parkway

God gave us a warm sunny day. The trail had beautiful sunflowers and colorful conglomerate rock.

Woods Cross to Lagoon Station loop
DESCRIPTION: The new Legacy Parkway is open! This makes a great bike ride, no matter where you start. From 500 South Trailhead in Woods Cross, ride your bike on the sidewalk east over the Legacy Highway bridge, where you'll see the trail. Along the trail are benches. The trail on the west side of the highway is the Nature Preserve trail, if you enjoy walking on gravel & dirt.
RIDE TIME: 2 hours
RESTROOMS: There are no restrooms available. Find a nearby gas station.
RATINGS: Moderate, with 50' elevation gain.
KIDS may be able to ride.
  • From Salt Lake City,
  • take I-15 northbound to Bountiful,
  • take exit 316 (Woods Cross)
  • turn left, travel 1.8 miles west
  • 500 South Trailhead, located west of Legacy Highway

  • From Ogden
  • take I-15 southbound
  • take the Legacy Highway
  • take 500 South exit
  • turn right, and look for the parking lot on the west side.

Note: The Lagoon Station (UTA Frontrunner) parking in Farmington, may be a better place for large groups to meet. The 500 South Trailhead is smaller.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Solitude Disc Golf

It is wonderful to praise God in the mountains. He gave us fantastic views and even a few autumn leaves. This was the last weekend in Summer. What a refreshing day.

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy an 18 hole disc golf course at the Solitude Ski Resort in Utah. Ride the chair lift up to begin and follow the signs all the way down. Playing disc golf is more exercise than hiking.
GROUP SIZE: Keep your group small to play through the holes faster.
RATINGS: Moderate
DIRECTIONS: Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon 14 miles to the Solitude Ski Resort. (State Route 190)
RESTROOMS at Solitude. There are none on the course.
FEES: $6 chairlift ride if you bring your own discs.
GEAR: Bring at least 2 Frisbees, small day pack, water, jacket and snacks.
PICNIC: There are picnic tables at several of the holes, bring your lunch & enjoy God's mountains.
PLAY TIME: 3 to 3 1/2 hours for 18 holes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Combo & Got Milk ~ Mtn Biking

Fun, fun, fun, coasting down the desert singletrack near Vernal, Utah. What a blessing to be in a peaceful place, away from the crowds.

DESCRIPTION: From the corral, look for the sign "Combo Trail." Head north. You'll come to a fork in the trail for "Cookies," make sure you take the left singletrack which heads toward the paved road. A small bike marks the beginning of "Got Milk." It's easy to get lost. Make sure you bring a printed map. For maps and complete directions visit ""
DIRECTIONS: McCoy Flat Road is near mileage marker 138 on US 40. Look for the stop sign & paved road on the south side of the highway. Drive southbound for 3.1 miles and park at the corral.

  • Combo ~ Moderate,
  • Got Milk ~ Intermediate technical


  • Combo ~ 4 miles, 250' e.g.
  • Got Milk ~ 4.82 miles, 250' e.g.

RIDE TIME: 2 hours total for the loop.
TRAILHEAD: McCoy Flat Road Corral, Vernal, Utah

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Retail Sale ~ Mtn Biking

God blessed us with a cool day in the desert and great fellowship. Mountain biking in Vernal is a lot of fun. Rolling trails, and sagebrush.

DESCRIPTION: Across the road from the corral, head down the Jeep road and turn right on a singletrack. Look for the sign "Retail Sale." The trail descend a steep hill. This trail connects with two other trails: "Fire Sale" an advance technical short cut, and "Got Milk." It's easy to get lost. Make sure you bring a printed map. For maps and complete directions visit ""
DIRECTIONS: McCoy Flat Road is near mileage marker 138 on US 40. Look for the stop sign & paved road on the south side of the highway. Drive southbound for 3.1 miles and park at the corral.
RATINGS: Intermediate technical
MILEAGE: 7.8 mile loop
RIDE TIME: 2 1/2 hours
TRAILHEAD: McCoy Flat Road Corral, Vernal, Utah

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mysterious Dinosaur Adventure

God is awesome! Wonderful fellowship! Great adventures in Flaming Gorge and Dinosaurland. Three nights camping in the Ashley National Forest.

Fossil Discovery Hike From the Temporary Visitor Center in Dinosaur National Monument, a shuttle bus drives you up the road making this a 3/4 mile hike. To enjoy this trail, make sure you go with a ranger, who can point out the dinosaur bones. If you go alone look for the white arrows pointing toward the fossils.



  • Utah Fieldhouse of Natural History (Dinosaur Museum)
  • McCoy Flat Mtn Biking Adventures


  • EXPEDITION IN THE BIBLE ~ Proverbs 31!