Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lake Mary, Martha & Catherine

Enjoyable hike with friends and Jesus. It was so wonderful to escape the hot valley and breathe cool, fresh air. The wildflowers were incredible.
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy Brighton's three beautiful sister lakes. This is a great hike for children, beginners and those who are out-of-shape.
RATINGS: Newbies to Lake Mary
Moderate to Lake Catherine
HIKE TIME: Allow 1 to 3 hours.
MILEAGE: 1 mile to Lake Mary (800' elevation gain)
2 miles to Catherine (1200' elevation gain)
RESTROOMS: Outside the Nordic Center by Silver Lake.
KIDS 3 years old & up are able to hike this trail. Plan on carrying younger kids.
WATERSHED: No swimming or wading in the lake and no dogs allowed.
GEAR: Make sure you carry plenty of water, energy food, sunscreen, hat, first aid, camera, hiking stick and bug spray.
DIRECTIONS: Big Cottonwood Canyon begins at Fort Union Blvd. (70th South) and Wasatch Blvd, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Drive to the top of the canyon to the large ski lot and park near the buildings. The trailhead begins by the large sign and a gravel pathway.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Smith-Morehouse trail

What a wonderful way to escape the summer heat and enjoy God's mountains. After seeing Dave's cabin, we had an enjoyable hike and stopped after at the newly improved Smith-Morehouse Reservoir. After, we stopped at the Rhode Island dinner in Oakley.

DESCRIPTION: The is a great trail for backpackers who want to get away from all the crowds. The trail is shared with horses.
  • 5 miles to Erickson Basin,
  • 7 miles to Island Lake
  • 10 miles to the Crystal Lake trailhead
DIRECTIONS: From Oakley, Utah take the Weber Canyon road to the Smith-Morehouse reservoir. After passing the reservoir, take a left in the campground, and follow the signs to the trailhead.
RESTROOMS & water are available at the trailhead.
RATINGS: Moderate level hiking
GEAR: Make sure you bring plenty of water, jacket, food, bug spray, sunscreen, and survival gear.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lee's mystery hike

A wonderful day to enjoy with God and good friends. We enjoyed Wildflower celebration at Alta and a great hike. The wildflowers were incredible! There were food booths in the parking lot, and guided wildflower tours. Lee gave us a wonderful Mystery Hike.

GRIZZLY GULCH ~ Twin Lakes Pass
DESCRIPTION ~ We started at the parking lot in Alta, by the entrance booth to the road to the campground. The trailhead is hidden on the north side of road. This is a great trail to escape the crowds and you'll have no trouble finding parking. At the pass you'll enjoy seeing Big Cottonwood and Twin Lakes Reservoir.
RATINGS ~ Moderate
MILEAGE ~ 1.5 miles to the pass
HIKE TIME ~ allow 3 1/2 hours
RESTROOMS ~ parking area has several outhouses.
NO DOGS ~ Little Cottonwood Canyon is a watershed area.
DIRECTIONS ~ Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon up the road toward Alta. Park near the entrance booth.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ruth Lake

After hiking up Bald Mountain to the snow ridge, we found it impassible and drove down the road to Ruth Lake. God Blessed us with cool weather.

DESCRIPTION: Excellent hike for kids and beginners. You'll enjoy a stream, pond and a beautiful lake, hiking through firs, rocks and wildflowers.
MILEAGE: 1 mile to the Lake, 400' elevation gain.
HIKE TIME: 25 minutes to the lake.
DIRECTIONS: Trailhead is at mile marker 35 on the Mirror Lake Highway.
FEE: Each vehicle needs a Mirror Lake Recreation Pass $6,
or you can use your annual National Park Pass on a hanger.
GEAR: Make sure you bring bug spray, rain jacket, extra clothing, food & water.
Toilet kit, compass, first aid, and survival stuff is good to have too.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Pond Loop

God gave us a wonderful 4th of July in the mountains. Snowbasin is lush green and has wonderful views. You may think you are in Europe and not Utah. After the bike ride we enjoyed free music on the lawn and went hiking.

DESCRIPTION: From Snowbasin, the trail starts by the bike wash station. We headed up the road to the first Green Pond trail and went around the loop clockwise. The lower loop is intermediate technical and has some rocky sections. It also has nice forest bridges, and great views. At the junction to go to the highway, we turned up to the upper loop. We found this section moderate and less rocky. Once up, it is a great ride down to Snowbasin.
RATINGS: Intermediate technical
(not recommended for kids or beginners.)
You need to have the skills to handle switchbacks, ride over rocks and pop out of clipless pedals.
RIDE TIME: Allow 2 hours
MILEAGE: 3 mile loop
DRIVE TIME from SLC: 1 hour
DIRECTIONS: available on
TRAIL MAPS: available at Snowbasin or their website.