Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coyote Buttes North

After applying for the lottery for three years, we won a permit to go see the WAVE.   We prayed for three months, for good weather and God blessed us with a warm sunny day in March.   The Wave is incredible evidence of a world-wide flood.   Under water waves, and mud whipped in the wind after the flood receded.

HIKE TIME:  We spent 8 hours playing in the desert.
GEAR:  Sports drinks, camera, jacket, lunch, water, salty food, sun protection, hat, maps, GPS, and a permit.
PERMITS:  Each month there is a lottery for four months in advance.   Only 10 persons per day will be given a permit from the lottery.   If you can't get a lottery permit, you may try for a Walk-In permit.   Show up at the Paria BLM visitor center the day before you want the permit; and they will have an early morning drawing for permits.
DIRECTIONS:  Because this is a protected area, you'll have to get this info from the BLM office.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Antelope Island ~ explore de Isle

A beautiful Spring day with Jesus!   Some of the group rode the causeway; while other began at the visitor center.  
There were a lot of folks on the Island, because of the Bison Run marathon.  We saw bison too!

ISLAND LOOP from the Visitor Center

DESCRIPTION: Ride down the hill to the beach area, and climb up to Buffalo Point. Lock your bicycle up and hike up to the top.   Enjoy a lunch break.  Ride down to the causeway and stop at the Memorial.  Then return to the visitor center.
MILEAGE: 7 mile loop, or 21 miles if you ride the causeway.
GEAR:  If you are riding a mountain bike, we recommend thorn liners and slime tubes. There are goat head thorns in the desert.   Bring water, sack lunch, sunglasses, bicycle lock, pump, bicycle tools, extra tube, sunglasses, sunscreen, wind breaker, and a hat for hiking.
RESTROOMS: Are available on the Island.
TIME: Allow 3 hours
DIRECTIONS: From I-15 take the Antelope Island exit in Syracuse, and drive west to the Great Salt Lake.
STATE PARK FEE: $9 per vehicle, or $3 per bicycle entering Island.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doughnut Falls Spring Snowshoe

The winds were howling in the Salt Lake Valley; but God blessed us with a wind-free, partially sunny day in the mountains.   Today we found a snow fort on the trail.
RATINGS: Moderate
NO DOGS:  Big Cottonwood is a protected watershed area.
RESTROOMS:  They locked the restroom by the Big Cottonwood road.
GEAR:  The snow is soft, and wearing your snowshoes are a must.  Bring poles, water, energy snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, snowboots, and dress in layers.
DIRECTIONS: Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Mill D South Fork and find a place to park.  Follow the cabin road up to the Doughnut Falls trailhead.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Millcreek Canyon Road

God blessed us with a beautiful warm, blue sky day.   The shade was cool, but when you where in the sunlight, it was warm enough to peel off your jacket and gloves.

DESCRIPTION:  Drive up Millcreek Canyon to the gated road, where cross country skiers, snowshoers, and hikers enjoy.   We hiked up to the 2 mile marker and back.
MILEAGE: 4 miles
RESTROOMS:  Available at trailhead, and Elbow Fork trailhead.
RATINGS: Newbies
DOGS: Must be on leash even/odd days on the road.
Dog owners need to clean up after their pets.
FEE: $3 per vehicle leaving the canyon