Sunday, October 17, 2010

Upper Red Pine Lake

A beautiful, Indian Summer day, with dazzling autumn colors in Little Cottonwood Canyon. A classic hike with Outdoors with Jesus! And a great place for fishing. Our Bible reading was Psalm 23--where the shepherd leads us to quiet waters. Left: Upper Red Pine.

DESCRIPTION: Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the White Pine trailhead. Hike 1 mile to the trail junction. Look for the trail sign to Red Pine Lake and follow a singletrack trail. Don't take the road. Continuing on the trail, you will see scenic views of Little Cottonwood Canyon. This trail has some steep sections. When you arrive at Lower Red Pine, continue around the lake and scramble up the hill to upper. Upper Red Pine lake has a higher elevation gain than White Pine lake.
RATINGS: Intermediate to Lower Red Pine; and scrambling over large granite boulders to Upper Red Pine.
WILDERNESS AREA: Group size is limited to 10
WATERSHED: No swimming, no wading, and no washing in lakes or streams. Also, no dogs allowed in the canyon.
NO KIDS: Upper Red Pine hike would be too hard and dangerous for children. Take them to the Lower Red Pine, and be prepared to carry them back.
MILEAGE: 3.6 miles to Upper Red Pine, or
3.13 miles if you stop at Lower Red Pine lake.
HIKE TIME: 3 hours up and 2.5 hours down.
Allow extra time to enjoy and to go fishing.
GEAR: One hiking pole. You'll need one free hand for climbing over boulders. Pack a sack lunch, bring plenty of water, jacket, camera, and energy snacks.
Bring your fishing pole and gear too!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lake Solitude

We saw snow where we hiked last week, and leaves are almost gone in the Brighton area. God gave us a cool fall day. Winter weather is coming soon. On the trail we saw three deer, a blue bird, and chipmonks. It was fun walking on the boardwalk, around Silver Lake.
DESCRIPTION: An easy trail starting at Silver Lake. Enjoy walking around the board walk. Continue on the trail toward the Solitude ski lifts. Do not take the trail to the left, up the hill to Twin Lakes Reservoir. The final climb to the lake is short and steep--like an Intermediate hike.
RATINGS: Newbies
MILEAGE: 1.5 miles to the lake.
HIKE TIME: Allow 2 hours total.
NO DOGS: Big Cottonwood Canyon is a protected watershed.
DIRECTIONS: Drive to Silver Lake parking area, at Brighton.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snake Creek Pass

Autumn colors were at their peak, exploding in Big Cottonwood!
We saw a family of deer in their living room. Blue birds and squirrels were playing in fir trees. We played on a split rock on the trail.
Snake Creek Pass overlook was radical with golden aspens. Looking below you can see Midway. We enjoyed lunch, and read our favorite Bible verse. Wholesome fellowship and a great time with Jesus!
DESCRIPTION: Begin at the Lake Mary trailhead, in the big parking lot area of Brighton Ski Resort. You'll find benches on the trail, as you climb the hills around the ski lift. At the trail junction, turn left towards Dog Lake. Keep left--the trail to the right takes you to Dog Lake. We heard children calling this Dog Pond. Continuing on the trail you will hike through an evergreen forest. Stay on the singletrack trail, and do not take any roads. At the saddle, you'll find a rocky overlook. Welcome to Snake Creek Pass.
RATINGS: Moderate, exposure at the overlook.
MILEAGE: 2 miles to the pass
RESTROOMS: Brighton, Silver Lake area.
WATERSHED: No dogs allowed.
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
DIRECTIONS: Big Cottonwood Canyon begins at Wasatch Blvd, & Fort Union Blvd in Salt Lake City, UT. Drive to the top of the canyon to the large ski parking lot in Brighton. Look for the large wood sign.