Saturday, August 22, 2009

White Pine Lake

God created some beautiful mountains and lakes in the Tony Grove area, near Bear Lake. We left at 10am and hiked to White Pine lake by noon and returned to our vehicle by 3pm. If you want an all day adventure, this will be a real treat for you.

DESCRIPTION: A wonderful hike taking you through alpine meadows, and down a pass to a beautiful alpine lake, by rock walls. During wildflower season in July, this trail is one of the wonders of Utah.
RATINGS: Moderate
MILEAGE: 4 miles each way to the lake.
It is .2 miles to the junction to Mount Naomi from the trailhead.
HIKE TIME: 2 hours up to the Lake and 2 1/4 hours return.
On the return, you'll have to climb up a hill, that's why it takes longer.
TRAILHEAD: Tony Grove Lake & campground area, up US 89, Logan Canyon. From Logan, drive up 19.6 miles, turn left, make another left and drive 7 miles up to Tony Grove lake.
PARKING FEE: $5 per day/$15 per week/$35 annual pass.
DRIVE TIME: from Salt Lake City 2 1/2 hours, and 120 miles, each way.
GEAR: Make sure you bring plenty of water for the warm days. Bug spray, energy snacks, sack lunch, camera, hat, sunglasses, garbage bag, sunscreen, toilet kit, hiking pole and first aid.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pittsburg Lake

Fun day hiking with Jesus. Pittsburg Lake is hard to get to, but its a beautiful with a miners cabin. You can see the backside of Sugarloaf peak and the Devil's Castle.
DESCRIPTION ~ This is a steep, Mount Olympus type climb up a rocky mining road to a beautiful alpine lake.
DIRECTIONS ~ Enter American Fork Canyon and drive past Timpanogos Caves. Turn left at the fork in the road on SR 144, and drive by Tibblefork Reservoir. Head straight on the dirt road (do not go up the hill). This dirt road requires high clearance vehicles, such as trucks or SUVS. Keep driving straight on the road for 5.2 miles. (Do not take the road to Forest Lake.) You'll come to a fork in the road with a sign to Pittsburg Lake trailhead. Turn left and follow the road straight up the hill. Do not take forest road 422 or 596. Eventually, you will cross a stream and enter the trailhead parking lot with a large boulder in the middle.
RESTROOMS available at Timp Cave, Tibble Fork Reservoir and picnic areas. Sorry no restrooms at the trailhead. Make sure you bring toilet paper, shovel and a ziplock bag for the trail.
RETURN TRIP OPTION ~ Take forest road 085 over the top of the mountain to Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway. You can drive to US 40 and take I-80 back to Salt Lake City.
DRIVE TIME ~ It took 1 hour & 10 minutes to drive from the bottom of American Fork Canyon to the trailhead. It was slow driving over the rough, rocky road; shared with ATVs and dirt bikes.
MILEAGE ~ 1.5 miles to the lake, 1400' elevation gain.
HIKE TIME ~ 1 hour up and 45 minutes down.
RATINGS ~ Intermediate (not for kids and beginner hikers)
GEAR ~ American Fork Canyon is hot during the day & cold at night. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a jacket. It is highly recommended to bring hiking poles, because of all the loose rock. Bring a map, flashlight, food, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and first aid.
FEE ~ American Fork Canyon charges a $6 fee for a 3 day pass. Or you can use your National Park Pass on a hanger.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Legacy Parkway

It was a dark rainy morning and God gave us a wonderful afternoon bike ride. The air was fresh, no bugs, and the temperature was mild like a Spring day.
500 South Trailhead to
Farmington Station loop
Description: Enjoy riding your bicycle on the Legacy Parkway. There are park benches, wooden bridges, tunnels, and sunflowers along the way.
Mileage: 18 mile loop
Bike time: 1.5 to 2 hours depending on rest stops
Trailhead: 500 South (west of the Legacy Highway)
Directions: Take exit 4 on the Legacy Highway.
No restrooms are available on the trail.
Ratings: Moderate
Gear: Make sure you wear a helmet, bring water, bike tools, extra tube, pump, and jacket.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sunday, July 26 we had an exciting ride in Park, City; a combined effort between the Bonneville Cycling Club and Outdoors with Jesus.

DESCRIPTION: Ride down the rail trail to the Park City Ice Arena. Round Valley mountain has many single & double track trails to choose from.
RIDE TIME: 3 hours
RATINGS: Moderate technical
MEETING PLACE: Park City Rail Trail.
DIRECTIONS from Kimball Junction, turn right and head toward Park City, turn left on Kearns Blvd; turn right on Bonanza Blvd, make an immediate left turn on Prospector Ave, drive past shopping mall and turn right into parking area. (40 minute drive from Salt Lake)
Meet at the playground parking lot near the Park City Ice Arena. Google maps: "F.J. Gilmor Way & Ability Way, Park City, Utah."
RESTROOMS available at the Ball Park.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Round Valley Mountain Loop ~trail markers:
Begin at F. J. Gilmor Way & Ability Way near green box.
  1. Turn right "Round Valley/Rambler" and do not take Matts Flat to the left.
  2. 3.8 miles: turn left on "Round Valley" & do not take Rambler to the right.
  3. 4.8 miles: turn left on "High Loop" & do not take "Round Valley/Karis loop to the right.
  4. You'll connect back with the "Round Valley/Rambler" trail. Turn left, where you'll go up a series of switchbacks.
  5. Ridge 1: continue on "Round Valley/Rambler" trail and do not turn left on "Nowhere Elks." You'll have fun riding down the hill.
  6. Halfway down: continue on the "Round Valley/Rambler" trail to the right. Do not take "Seventy 101" to the left. You'll enjoy a new section of this trail, riding around the sagebrush to the bottom of the valley.
  7. Bottom: do not take the Valderoad; but continue on the "Rambler" trail up the second ridge.
  8. Ridge 2: turn left and take the "Rad Ridge" trail and do not take the "Round Valley/Rambler" trail.
  9. At the "La Dee Duh" junction, the turn left onto the unmarked "Rad Ridge" trail...this is easier than the rocky road. Do not take "La Dee Duh" to the right.
  10. Do not take the "Quarry Road" to the left, but continue to the right on the "Rademan Ridge" trail, to the base of the rocky steep hill.
  11. Turn left on "Cammy's Trail.
  12. Stay on "Cammy's Trail to the left; and do not turn right on the "Backside Trail."
  13. Continue on "Cammy's Trail" to the right and do not take "Round Valley Express" to the left.
  14. Continue on "Cammy's Trail" and do not take "Matt's Flatt" trail.
  15. Ridge 3: turn left on "Seventy 101" trail and do not go down hill on "Matt's Flatt" or "Cammy's Trail."
  16. Turn right on "Matt's Flatt/To Valderoad" trail or continue up the double track to "Valderoad" and turn right.
  17. Coast down the hill on the "Valderoad" double track, that turns into a singletrack.
  18. Continue on the "Valderoad" down the hill. Do not turn left on "Nowhere Elks."
  19. "Valderoad" joins with "Matt's Flatt" trail, back to the ball park area.
  20. At the next "Matt's Flatt" marker, turn right onto the unmarked trail. This will take you down to the road faster.

GEAR: Make sure you bring water, energy snacks, sunscreen, first aid, sunglasses, helmet, and bike gear.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bald Mountain

A cool blast of wind, felt like an air condition as we hiked up the Bald Mountain trail. It was a great blessing to escape the heat from the desert valley to hike in God's mountains. Enjoy fantastic views of Mirror Lake.
DESCRIPTION ~ A great rocky adventure at the top of the Mirror Lake Highway. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Uintas on top of this 11,943' summit.
RATINGS ~ Moderate
MILEAGE ~ 2 miles to the summit, 1250' elevation gain.
KIDS ~ love this hike; but must be carefully supervised at all times due to the dangers of the trail.
DOGS are not recommended. This trail is too rocky and has steep drop offs.
DIRECTIONS ~ Kamas, Utah take the Mirror Lake Highway SR 150 east, and drive up the road 29 miles to the Bald Mountain Pass. Turn left into the Bald Mountain trailhead & picnic area. Allow 1 hour 20 minutes drive time from Salt Lake City.
GEAR ~ water, energy snacks, sack lunch, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, hiking pole, camera, first aid kit, and bring a jacket.
RESTROOM ~ available at the trailhead.
FEE ~ Mirror Lake Recreation Pass is $6. You can use your National Park Pass on a hanger. Make sure your signature on the card is showing.