Saturday, December 27, 2008

Big Cottonwood ~ Snowshoe 101

God blessed us with a wonderful day playing in the snow. The sun broke through the cold cloudy day. It was fun creating new trails in the fresh snow.

Mill D South Fork to Spruces loop
Parking ~ Mill D South Fork near the gate to the road.
Description ~ We parked near the sledding hill and went towards Jordan Pines. After crossing the hill we made a loop around the Spruces campground. Then we returned back. We stayed away from the avalanche areas.
Hike time ~ 2 hours to do the loop.
Ratings ~ Newbies
Restroom ~ Most of the campground outhouses are locked during the winter. You'll find a heated restroom at the Spruces campground at the half way point.
Big Cottonwood Canyon is a protected watershed area. (No dogs allowed).
Gear ~ Snow boots, wool or wick dry socks, dress in layers, water, gators or snow pants, insulated gloves, sunglasses, suncreen, and a warm hat. Bring a day pack to hold extra clothing, matches, energy snack and any avalanche gear.
Make sure you bring poles when you snowshoe!
Frostbite ~ Make sure you hydrate yourself and drink plenty of water before any winter activity. Also, have some water during and after hiking.
Big Cottonwood Canyon ~ Fort Union Blvd. & Wasatch Blvd; Salt Lake City, Utah.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Echo Reservoir ~ Mountain biking

One of the most scenic mountain bike rides and what a great day God gave. This cool and sunny day wasn't crowded at all. It was a time of relaxation away from the crowded city. Cottonwood trees were painted with Autumn colors.

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a family adventure on the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail, riding by the shore of beautiful Echo Reservoir. This non-motorized trail is shared with horses and hikers. Travel north on the trail to Echo Reservoir.

RATINGS: Newbies

RIDE TIME: 1 to 2 hours,

MILEAGE: 7 miles round trip

MEET PLACE: Coalville Rail Trail parking (free parking),

DIRECTIONS: 1 hour drive from SLC:

  • Take I - 80 east bound toward Wyoming,
  • take Coalville exit 162,
  • then turn right toward town,
  • turn left on Main Street, (north)
  • drive through town,
  • turn left at 200 North (drive west)
  • Coalville Rail Trail parking lot is on the right.
RESTROOMS are available at Coalville parking lot.
KIDS are welcome if you supervise them, & if they wear helmets.
BIKES: Mountain bikes or dirt bicycles.
RATINGS: All levels of bike riders are welcome.
GEAR: make sure you bring a helmet, pump, sunscreen, bug spray, extra tube, water, energy snacks, sunscreen, gloves, jacket & bike tools.
Thorn liners are highly recommended for your tires.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Provo Canyon Parkway

God gave us an incredible day riding up the Provo Parkway seeing beautiful orange leaves and granite mountains. Indian Summer is here! It was cool in the shade; but warm in the sun.

Enjoy biking over a wooden railroad bridge, going under a tunnel, through parks, a campground and even Bridal Veil Falls. Easy enough for all level of riders and safe enough for kids. This is a three lane paved parkway. One lane is designated for walking, while the other two are for bicycles.
RATINGS: Newbies
RIDE TIME: 1 3/4 hours
MILEAGE: 5.75 miles paved parkway (each way) to Vivian Park and back.

  • take I-15 south to Orem
  • take 800 North exit 272
  • (turn left and drive toward the mountains)
  • make sure you are in the left lane when you get close to the mountains.
  • Slow down and do not enter Provo Canyon.
  • Turn left (near Subway/gas station) onto "Provo Canyon Parkway."

GEAR: Make sure you wear a helmet, bring a jacket, water, bike gloves, and energy snacks. Bring tools to change a flat too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frary Peak

Ever escape to an Island, peaceful, with great views. God blessed us with a warm Summer day in Autumn.

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy great views of the Great Salt Lake hiking to the highest point on Antelope Island. You'll see bison, lizards, breathtaking views, and colorful rocks along the trail. Visit Antelope Island ~ Utah State Park.
DIRECTIONS: From SLC, take I-15 northbound, take exit 332, Antelope Drive, turn left and travel west to Antelope Island State Park. Listen to 530 AM for park information. Take the Garr Ranch road on the Island, and slow down and watch out for bison. Look for a paved road on the right, which will take you to the trailhead parking area.
FEE: Entrance fee is $9 per vehicle.
MILEAGE: 3.3 miles to 6,596' Frary Peak.
  • Intermediate ~ 3 miles from trailhead to Antenna Hill.
  • Difficult ~ .3 miles from Antenna Hill to Frary Peak.
Hike is not recommended for kids or beginners. We did see some superkids, families & elderly making it to the summit; but this is a hard hike.
RESTROOMS: Are available at the park entrance & visitor center. There are none at the trailhead and few places of privacy on the trail.
DRIVE TIME: From entrance to trailhead allow 30 minutes. Allow 1 hour drive from SLC.
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours to summit and 2 hours return to trailhead parking.
TOTAL TIME: From entrance gate & back ~ allow 7 hours.
RULES: no dogs allowed, no camping, and you must return by dusk or you'll receive a citation. Roads are gated off 1/2 hour after it gets dark.
GEAR: Desert hiking gear ~ extra water (including water in your vehicle when you return), energy snacks, fruits, sack lunch, hiking poles, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and toilet kit. (TP, shovel, ziplock bag).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn hike to Dog Lake

God does not dwell in buildings made with hands. What a wonderful Sunday afternoon hike, one day before Autumn.

DESCRIPTION: This is a gentle 3 mile climb to the top, where you'll meet the Desolation trail. Dog Lake is another .1 mile down the hill. We took the trailhead from the lower parking lot and returned down the Great Western trail to the upper parking area.
MILEAGE: 3.1 miles to Dog Lake ~ 1,150' e.g.
RATINGS: Moderate
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
MILLCREEK CANYON: Odd days are dog days & Even are mountain biking.
DIRECTIONS: The upper Millcreek parking lots are often crowded. We encourage people to carpool from the Millcreek park-n-ride on Wasatch Blvd. and 3900 South (gravel lot). Millcreek Canyon can be found at 3800 South & Wasatch Blvd. Drive to the top of the canyon & park.
FEE: $2.25 per vehicle leaving the canyon.
DOGS are welcome up the Millcreek trail only.
Dog owners need to learn the Millcreek Leash Law.
Also, It is illegal to bring dogs into Big Cottonwood watershed area.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Legacy Parkway

God gave us a warm sunny day. The trail had beautiful sunflowers and colorful conglomerate rock.

Woods Cross to Lagoon Station loop
DESCRIPTION: The new Legacy Parkway is open! This makes a great bike ride, no matter where you start. From 500 South Trailhead in Woods Cross, ride your bike on the sidewalk east over the Legacy Highway bridge, where you'll see the trail. Along the trail are benches. The trail on the west side of the highway is the Nature Preserve trail, if you enjoy walking on gravel & dirt.
RIDE TIME: 2 hours
RESTROOMS: There are no restrooms available. Find a nearby gas station.
RATINGS: Moderate, with 50' elevation gain.
KIDS may be able to ride.
  • From Salt Lake City,
  • take I-15 northbound to Bountiful,
  • take exit 316 (Woods Cross)
  • turn left, travel 1.8 miles west
  • 500 South Trailhead, located west of Legacy Highway

  • From Ogden
  • take I-15 southbound
  • take the Legacy Highway
  • take 500 South exit
  • turn right, and look for the parking lot on the west side.

Note: The Lagoon Station (UTA Frontrunner) parking in Farmington, may be a better place for large groups to meet. The 500 South Trailhead is smaller.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Solitude Disc Golf

It is wonderful to praise God in the mountains. He gave us fantastic views and even a few autumn leaves. This was the last weekend in Summer. What a refreshing day.

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy an 18 hole disc golf course at the Solitude Ski Resort in Utah. Ride the chair lift up to begin and follow the signs all the way down. Playing disc golf is more exercise than hiking.
GROUP SIZE: Keep your group small to play through the holes faster.
RATINGS: Moderate
DIRECTIONS: Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon 14 miles to the Solitude Ski Resort. (State Route 190)
RESTROOMS at Solitude. There are none on the course.
FEES: $6 chairlift ride if you bring your own discs.
GEAR: Bring at least 2 Frisbees, small day pack, water, jacket and snacks.
PICNIC: There are picnic tables at several of the holes, bring your lunch & enjoy God's mountains.
PLAY TIME: 3 to 3 1/2 hours for 18 holes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Combo & Got Milk ~ Mtn Biking

Fun, fun, fun, coasting down the desert singletrack near Vernal, Utah. What a blessing to be in a peaceful place, away from the crowds.

DESCRIPTION: From the corral, look for the sign "Combo Trail." Head north. You'll come to a fork in the trail for "Cookies," make sure you take the left singletrack which heads toward the paved road. A small bike marks the beginning of "Got Milk." It's easy to get lost. Make sure you bring a printed map. For maps and complete directions visit ""
DIRECTIONS: McCoy Flat Road is near mileage marker 138 on US 40. Look for the stop sign & paved road on the south side of the highway. Drive southbound for 3.1 miles and park at the corral.

  • Combo ~ Moderate,
  • Got Milk ~ Intermediate technical


  • Combo ~ 4 miles, 250' e.g.
  • Got Milk ~ 4.82 miles, 250' e.g.

RIDE TIME: 2 hours total for the loop.
TRAILHEAD: McCoy Flat Road Corral, Vernal, Utah

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Retail Sale ~ Mtn Biking

God blessed us with a cool day in the desert and great fellowship. Mountain biking in Vernal is a lot of fun. Rolling trails, and sagebrush.

DESCRIPTION: Across the road from the corral, head down the Jeep road and turn right on a singletrack. Look for the sign "Retail Sale." The trail descend a steep hill. This trail connects with two other trails: "Fire Sale" an advance technical short cut, and "Got Milk." It's easy to get lost. Make sure you bring a printed map. For maps and complete directions visit ""
DIRECTIONS: McCoy Flat Road is near mileage marker 138 on US 40. Look for the stop sign & paved road on the south side of the highway. Drive southbound for 3.1 miles and park at the corral.
RATINGS: Intermediate technical
MILEAGE: 7.8 mile loop
RIDE TIME: 2 1/2 hours
TRAILHEAD: McCoy Flat Road Corral, Vernal, Utah

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mysterious Dinosaur Adventure

God is awesome! Wonderful fellowship! Great adventures in Flaming Gorge and Dinosaurland. Three nights camping in the Ashley National Forest.

Fossil Discovery Hike From the Temporary Visitor Center in Dinosaur National Monument, a shuttle bus drives you up the road making this a 3/4 mile hike. To enjoy this trail, make sure you go with a ranger, who can point out the dinosaur bones. If you go alone look for the white arrows pointing toward the fossils.



  • Utah Fieldhouse of Natural History (Dinosaur Museum)
  • McCoy Flat Mtn Biking Adventures


  • EXPEDITION IN THE BIBLE ~ Proverbs 31!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunset Peak

We had a wonderful time with Jesus today and enjoyed the views. We prayed along the way and had the peak to ourselves.

DIRECTIONS: Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon. At the booth in Alta they will let you know if there is parking available at the trailhead; otherwise you may have to park your car and take the free Summer shuttle up or hike up.
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy breathe-taking scenery of Little Cottonwood and beautiful flowers. You'll climb up 1 mile ~ 800' e.g. to Catherine's Pass where you'll see Catherine Lake and Brighton. This is a good place for a break. You'll enjoy walking by Pine trees up the sandy beach to the saddle. Get your camera out for panoramic shots of the lakes below. The hike to the summit took 1 hour 20 minutes and 1 hour back down.
RATING: MODERATE ~ 1248' elevation gain ~ 1.5 miles to 10,648' summit.
HIKE TIME: Allow 3 hours.
GEAR: make sure you bring a jacket, water, sack lunch, energy snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, hiking pole, and first aid.
WATERSHED: No dogs are allowed in Little or Big Cottonwood Canyons.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

White Pine & Berries

God blessed us with cool weather, and gave us a day of healing. We had a time of prayer at the top too. The wildflowers were incredible!

DESCRIPTION: A half day hike up to a beautiful granite rock lake on an old Jeep road. Enjoy wildflowers, shaded forest, and berries on the trail. There are fantastic views of Little Cottonwood Canyon from the top.
DIRECTIONS: Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the White Pine trailhead.
HIKE TIME: Allow 7 hours
RATING: Intermediate ~ 2460' e.g. ~ 4.1 miles to lake.
Not recommended for kids or beginner hikers.
GEAR: make sure you bring a jacket, plenty of water, sack lunch, bug spray, energy snacks, sunscreen, hat, hiking pole, and hiking gear.
WATERSHED: No swimming, no wading, and no dogs allowed in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wildflowers and Clayton

Wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Enjoyed great views, had prayer on the summit and took pictures of wildflowers. We saw a deer, marmot, squirrel, birds, and few hikers.

RATINGS: Intermediate with scrambling.
(not recommended for kids or beginners)
MILEAGE: 2 1/2 miles to 10,721' summit, 1960' e.g.
HIKE TIME: 5 1/2 hours with breaks.
DIRECTIONS: Big Cottonwood Canyon begins at Wasatch Blvd. & Fort Union Blvd. in Salt Lake City. Drive to the top and park at Brighton ski resort.
RESTROOMS: Available at Silver Fork Lake visitor center.
  • Look for the ski sign at the large Brighton parking area.
  • Follow the gravel path to the Lake Mary trailhead.
  • Walk up the hill full of wildflowers.
  • Turn left at the Dog Lake trail junction.
  • Keep following the trail to the left.
  • The right trail takes you to Dog Lake.
  • Walk through an enchanted forest.
  • At Snake Creek Pass, enjoy the rocky overlook.
  • Hike up the road to Clayton Peak.
  • On the right, take the trail to the summit.
  • As you scramble, enjoy breathe taking views.

WATERSHED: No dogs are allowed up Big Cottonwood.
GEAR: Hiking pole is needed. Take water, sack lunch, first aid, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, camera, and hiking gear.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bald Mountain

God gave us an awesome hike with cool mountain breezes! We saw Mirror Lake and Provo River falls afterwards. What a great way to escape the 100 degree weather.

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a rocky adventure to a summit overlooking beautiful Mirror Lake. Bald Mountain offers a great panorama of the Uintas.

MILEAGE: 2 Miles to summit, 1,250 elevation gain
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
KIDS hike this trail, but must be watched because of steep exposure.
RESTROOM available at the trailhead

  • From SLC, drive up I-80 eastbound;
  • take US 40 south;
  • take the Kamas/Park City exit &
  • turn left traveling east to Kamas,
  • turn left in Kamas
  • then turn right on the Mirror Lake Highway,
  • travel east on Highway 150,
  • make sure you buy a rec pass at the entrance booth,
  • at the Bald Mountain pass (approx 29 miles)
  • turn left into trailhead parking.

FEE: Mirror Lake Recreation Pass is $6 per vehicle for a 3 day pass or $45 annual. They don't sell one day passes.
GEAR: You must bring a jacket! Bring bug spray, sunscreen, sack lunch, energy snacks, water, camera, hiking poles, first aid, and other hiking gear.
TIME: For total adventure from SLC, allow 7 1/2 hours time.

PROVO RIVER FALLS: On your return drive, stop and see the falls.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Round Valley ~ Mtn Biking

God blessed us with a cool morning. Round Valley is a wonderful singletrack trail with a variety of switchbacks, climbs and coasting downhill.
DESCRIPTION: We rode east on the paved Rail Trail about 2 miles, turned left up a side road, then right on a paved trail leading us northbound, then left on a dirt singletrack passing the Rec Center. At the intersection of Ability Way & F.J. Gilmore Way is the Round Valley trailhead. We rode counterclockwise following the Round Valley route, High Loop, Rad Ridge, and returned on the Valderoad.
NO RESTROOMS at the Rail Trail.

MEET PLACE: Park City Rail Trail Parking
on Prospector Avenue
DRIVE TIME: 40 minutes from SLC
1-80 eastbound to Park City,
exit at Kimball Junction & turn right,
drive to Park City and turn left on Kearns Blvd,
turn right on Bonanza Blvd,
then make an immediate left on Prospector Avenue,
drive past the strip mall and turn right into Rail Trail parking lot.
BIKES: Mountain bikes
RATINGS: Moderate/Intermediate technical
RIDE TIME: 3 hours
GEAR: helmet, extra tube, pump, tools to change flats, sunscreen, bug spray, water, dry lube, and energy gear, first aid, gloves, and other bike stuff.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lake Mary

Perfect day, air condition breezes across the lake, wildflowers coming out, ducks playing in the water, birds singing in the bushes and lake is completely full.

God gave us such an enjoyable day!
DESCRIPTION: Your hike begins up a gravel pathway, look for the Lake Mary sign. You'll hike up a meadow full of wildflowers, pass under large fir trees, see scenic views of Brighton, cross over a wooden bridge, and hike up behind the reservoir. This is a fun adventure for all ages!
DIRECTIONS: Enter Big Cottonwood Canyon from the intersection of Wasatch Blvd. and Fort Union Blvd. (70th South). Drive to the big parking lot at Brighton at the top of the canyon. On the east side of the parking lot is a large sign, this is the trailhead. Note: the old trail to the south is closed for vegetation restoration.
MILEAGE: 1 mile to lake, 800' elevation gain.
HIKE TIME: 2 1/2 hours
KIDS love this hike, but must be watched at all times.
WATERSHED: No swimming, & no dogs allowed!
RESTROOMS at the Silver Lake area in Brighton
GEAR: Sunscreen, hat, hiking stick, water, bug spray, camera, energy snacks, and first aid.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sundance ~ Stewart Falls hike

Refreshing day with Jesus at Sundance. Great chair lift ride was fun, seeing mountain bikers riding below. Cool mountain breezes on a hot sunny day. Stewart Falls was wonderful. Some of us even dared to get wet. On the trail we even saw a hummingbird nest.

DESCRIPTION: Take the chair lift up and hike around a scenic loop. The trail has some exposure and some steep hills down to the falls. You'll walk through deep forests, meadows, and across streams. Be prepared to get wet, and enjoy going into the falls.
MILEAGE: Stewart Falls Loop, 2 miles to the falls,
1.5 miles return.
HIKE TIME: 3 hours 20 minutes
FEE: Sundance chairlift fee is $8 adults.
KIDS are welcome if they are supervised at all times.
GEAR: hiking pole, water shoes, lunch, first aid, water, energy snacks, bug spray and sun protection.
DIRECTIONS to Sundance:
Take I-15 southbound to Orem,
take exit #272 (800 North) and travel east toward mountains,
drive up Provo Canyon 7 miles,
turn left at SR 92, (Alpine Loop)
Sundance is 2 miles up (left side)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bell Canyon Falls

What a wonderful day God has created! The best I've ever seen, tremendous rushing water crashing over granite boulders. We enjoyed great fellowship and a cool morning hike. And best of all, there were few people by the falls.

DESCRIPTION: The trailhead begins in a Sandy neighborhood. For the first 1/2 mile you will climb up a Grand Canyon staircase to the lower reservoir.
The trail mellows out until you get to a forest area with a bubbling stream. It is fun crossing the wooden bridge and seeing wildflowers. The trail begins with a rocky climb up the hill. After hiking awhile you'll hear the roaring falls. At a fork in the trail, take a left. Be careful climbing down to the falls area and watch out for exposure. You'll have to go back to the fork in the trail to go to the second falls. Hike for 45 minutes up a steep rocky trail, & take a trail to the left.
KIDS may make the first falls if you hike in the cool time of day and bring extra water. But unless they are scouts, don't try to hike to the second falls with 'em.
LONE PEAK WILDERNESS: Group size is limited to 10.
WATERSHED: No dogs, no wading & no swimming.
Wasatch Blvd & Trailhead (10245 South), Sandy, Utah
NO RESTROOMS available
INTERMEDIATE to first falls, & DIFFICULT to second.
HIKE TIME: (5 hours total)

2 hours to first falls, 45 minutes to second falls and 2 hours hiking down.
MILEAGE: 2 miles to first falls & 1/2 mile more to second ~ 2370' e.g.
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, sack lunch, first aid, bug spray, camera, & jacket.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Millcreek Canyon Road

God's Spirit is like a cool canyon breeze.
Millcreek Canyon offers many evening hikes. From November 1 to July 1 the road is gated off at the Maple Cove area. Hikers and bikers enjoy the road free of traffic except for cabin owners who may drive up the road.

DIRECTIONS: Millcreek Canyon can be accessed from 3800 South and Wasatch Blvd, in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can leave extra cars at the park-n-ride lot on 3900 South & Wasatch Blvd. Drive to the Maple Cove picnic area, to the gate & park.
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy walking up a forest road, hearing a rushing stream.
MILEAGE: We hiked 2 miles up the road. (660' elevation gain) There is a pull-off with rocks to sit on, by the stream at the marker.

GEAR: Make sure you bring a flashlight & jacket for all evening hikes. It is good to have bug spray too. Bring water, energy food, and hiking gear.
Dogs must be kept leashed on the road & parking lots every day.
Make sure you clean up after your dog.
KIDS enjoy this hike.

FEE charged per vehicle leaving the canyon.
WALKING ON ROADS: Keep right, walking up the road. And kept left, walking down the road. Bikers come down the road fast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big Cottonwood Overlook

Outdoors with Jesus began in June 1986. Our first hike was up Mill B North Fork. Celebrating our 22nd Anniversary we hiked up to the overlook.

DESCRIPTION: Be careful crossing the road to the north side of the canyon.
If you would like to see HIDDEN FALLS, a dry trail is found by scrambling around the large rock, counterclockwise. Please remember that this is a Watershed Area. No dogs, no wading, and no washing in the water. This is our drinking water!
MILL B NORTHFORK, begins by going up some Grand Canyon staircase. The first climb is steep & more Intermediate. You'll get some great views of the S Curve as you begin switchbacking.
You'll drop over the hill and follow a bubbling stream. Huge rocks and forest make this a wonderful setting entering the Mount Olympus Wilderness area.
After climbing more switchbacks, you'll head south to the canyon edge. As the trail turns east, you'll find a large trail leading to the rocky overlook with steep exposure. This is the Mill B North Fork Overlook.
TRAILHEAD: North side of road at the S Curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
HIKE TIME: 40 minutes to the Overlook & 30 minutes return.
MILEAGE: 1 1/2 mile est. to overlook
GEAR: Water, bug spray, hiking pole, camera, first aid, and energy food. Make sure you pack out your garbage!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adams Canyon

Feels like Summer is finally here. God blessed us with a warm day. It was enjoyable hiking by a bubbling stream. Along the way we saw smaller falls, and even a hidden pond. We saw a lot more water coming down than previous years. It was wonderful!

DESCRIPTION: Adams canyon is a playground for hikers, offering scrambling over rock, climbing on a ledge, wooden bridges, walking up a stream and being sprayed by the midst of a waterfall. NO RESTROOMS: (nearby gas stations north of Oak Hills Dr. on US 89)
MEET PLACE: Adams Canyon dirt parking lot,
DRIVE TIME: 35 minutes, 27 miles from SLC
from SLC

take I-15 north, (45 minute drive)
after passing the Lagoon exit, take exit 324 ~ US 89 North,
when you pass through OAK HILLS DRIVE,
turn right at the next street,
turn right again, drive south on East Side Drive to a dirt parking lot, east of the Oak Hills Intersection.

take US 89 south toward Farmington,
after passing mile marker 402,
turn left at the next street,
turn right and drive south on East Side Drive to a dirt parking lot, east of the Oak Hills Dr. Intersection.
KIDS enjoy this hike, but must be supervised at all times.
MILEAGE: 3.9 miles round trip
ELEVATION GAIN: 1212' elevation gain
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, energy food, sack lunch, first aid, camera, jacket & water shoes. Don't forget the hiking poles!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grove Creek Falls

What a wonderful day with Jesus. Spectacular falls, and canyon overlooks. This was a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Humming birds & beautiful wildflowers.
Roaring water from the stream below. Fresh air and a cool breeze, and sunny.

Energetic climb in the foothills above Pleasant Grove, Utah. Entering the canyon, the first 1/2 mile climbs up loose rock. The trail follows a rushing stream, surrounded by scrub oaks. When the trail splits, take the narrow one that goes up the left side. The trail is steep, with exposure and not recommended for kids, dogs, or mountain bikers. There are great views of Provo Lake and the canyon below. After hiking 1 1/4 hours, you'll see the first waterfall from an overlook.
Because of loose shale, it is too dangerous to hike to the base of it. 15 minutes later, you will see from an overlook a majestic falls. Above the falls is a wooden bench you can sit on and enjoy the scenery. After taking a rest, hike a little further to the first bridge, where you'll see the water cascading. This would be a good turn around point.
DRIVE TIME: 45 minutes ~ 36 miles from SLC
DIRECTIONS: from SLC take I-15 southbound,
take exit 278 and turn left on Main Street,
keep following US 89 toward the mountains,
(look for the canyon on the left side of the G on the mountain)

look for Macey's large American flag,
turn left on "Pleasant Grove Blvd-Center Street" and drive east,

turn left at the 100 East (stop light)
travel north a few blocks,

after passing a ranger station turn right on 500 North,
(500 North) becomes Grove Creek Drive,
drive up Grove Creek Dr. all the way to the mountain,
trailhead parking lot has picnic tables and a restroom.

HIKE TIME: 1 1/2 hours to main falls, & 1 hour return to trailhead.
MILEAGE: 2 miles to the upper falls
ELEVATION GAIN: 1560' elevation gain
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, sack lunch, first aid, camera, & jacket.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Historic Rail Trail

Enjoyable ride began with prayer. Our riders saw moose, goats, lamas, cows, horses, Sand Hill Cranes, pelicans, seagulls, and a beaver. Echo Reservoir was so full of water that the Cottonwood trees where people camp, and play on the beach was under water.


DESCRIPTION: Great mountain bike ride, building up endurance. Enjoyable ride passing through farmland, bubbling streams, crossing wooden bridges, seeing cows and horses. There's even benches and picnic tables along the way. Take a break at the Coalville station, where you can munch on some food, sit on a bench, and find a restroom. After being refreshed, continue north, riding to Echo Reservoir. Ride until you reach the main campground. (There is a fee to enter) This is where we turn around. RATINGS: MODERATE ~ 23 miles round trip. Kids may ride part way and turn back. It's too long of a ride for beginners. RIDE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
MEET PLACE: Wanship Rail Trail paved parking area.
RESTROOMS: At the Wanship & Coalville parking lots.
DIRECTIONS: 40 minutes drive time from SLC.
Take I - 80 east bound toward Wyoming, take Wanship exit,
turn left and drive all the way out of town passing the Spring Chicken Inn, turn right, than turn left into Wanship Rail Trail parking lot & restroom.
RESTROOMS available at Wanship & Coalville Stations.
Parking lot and rest area for bikers.
BIKES: Mountain bikes (non-motorized bikes)
GEAR: make sure you bring a helmet, pump, bug spray, extra tube, first aid, bike tools, water, bug spray, energy snacks, salty foods, sunscreen and a jacket. It is good to have a cooler and snacks awaiting in your vehicle after you return.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Battle Creek Falls

It looked like a rainy day; but God gave us sun! A wonderful cool day for a Sunday hike. We saw four big horn sheep, humming birds, dragon flies, squirrels, and a Summer Tanager bird. Wonderful rock outcroppings, and a splendid view of snowcapped Timpanogos.
Adventure in the foothills above Pleasant Grove, Utah
See three different waterfalls and a pond.
Less than 1 mile to the big falls. Kids hike to this one.
The other 2 falls are smaller and no further than 1/2 mile away, but require hiking up a steep trail with loose rock.
Make sure you have a hiking stick.
RESTROOM ~ outhouse is available at the Kiwanis Picnic area.
MEET PLACE: Battle Creek Canyon parking or call for carpooling
DRIVE TIME: 45 minutes (36 miles) from SLC
DIRECTIONS: from SLC take I-15 southbound,
take exit 279 and turn left,
turn right on State Street and follow US 89,
turn left on Main Street and follow US 89 & drive a few miles,
(you're heading for the canyon on the right side of the big G)
when you see the large American flag at Maceys get in the left lane,
you'll pass Center Street, then turn left on 200 South
(small side street)
drive east toward the mountains on 200 South,
enter dead end road, pass the water tank, look for Kiwanis dirt parking lot.
KIDS & DOGS are welcome on this hike.
Watch out for exposure & steep drop offs.
RATINGS: NEWBIES to first falls ~ MODERATE to second.
HIKE TIME: 2 hours
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, first aid, camera, & jacket.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Waterfall Canyon

God gives us wonderful days and beautiful places to hike.
I have never seen so much water at Waterfall Canyon.
See it during the Spring run-off.
And make sure you "pack it out" ~ don't leave orange peels,
and garbage.

Enjoy a hike on the foothills of Ogden into a beautiful hidden canyon.
From the trailhead shelter, take the trail going up the hill,
At the Bonneville Shoreline trail
turn right for the Short route,
the trail joins the Bonneville Shoreline trail, after crossing a bridge, and turn left and hike up the canyon.
or turn left for the Scenic Tour,
at the first junction (BST marker),
take the trail down the hill to the Spring,
after passing it, turn right on the next trail,
(this trail will take you up the hill and southbound)
At the next junction, (BST marker), continue straight, and do not take the trails up Taylor Canyon or the one back down the hill.
you will climb and pass a rock outcropping overlooking the valley, (good place for a break)
continue until you reach the first canyon,
cross a stream on a wooden bridge and take the trail up the canyon.
you'll pass a cherry tree, and cross a wooden bridge.
MILEAGE - 3 mile loop, 1200' elevation gain
KIDS - are welcome. Be prepared to carry younger children.
The stream can be dangerous, make sure you watch them at all times.
DIRECTIONS: From SLC drive northbound I-15,
take exit 334, US 89 northbound to Ogden after passing Lagoon.
drive on the James V Hansen highway (US 89) northbound,
turn right on Harrison Blvd;
turn right on 30th Street drive toward mountains,
turn left on Tyler,
turn right on 29th Street and drive toward mountains,
the road ends at the top, turn right into the 29th Street Trailhead parking,
(do not leave any valuables in your car)
Plan at least 1 hour drive time from SLC.
No restrooms available at the trailhead or on the hike.

GEAR: Hiking stick or poles are highly recommended.
Wear your water shoes, and get your feet wet.
Bring water, sunscreen, hat, jacket, camera, food, & first aid.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little Dell Canyon ~ Mountain biking

What a marvelous view of the mountains and valleys,
looking down from Big Mountain Pass.
God blessed us with another great ride.

Sometimes we wore jackets and sometimes we took them off.
Birds were singing.
Wildflowers were blooming.
Little Dell Reservoir sparkled.

Little Dell Canyon
Utah state road 65 is a paradise for bikers in the Spring.
The road to East Canyon is gated off for the Winter.
It is a safe place to ride your bike without any traffic.
On the return trip, mountain bikers may wish to take the lower Pioneer trail to Little Dell Reservoir.
MILEAGE: 5 miles each way, 1550' elevation gain.
RIDE TIME: 3 1/4 hours, with 1/2 break sitting on the bench at Big Mtn Pass.
RESTROOMS: are available at the parking lot, on the road & at the pass.
drive up Parley's Canyon I-80,
take exit 134,
turn left and drive up state road 65 toward East Canyon,
do not turn left & drive up to Emigration Canyon,
turn right into Little Dell Reservoir parking lot.
free parking for bikers only, &
if you plan to hike or enjoy the reservoir you must pay the parking fee.

Lower Pioneer Trail
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy an easy singletrack, on the old Pony Express trail.
Start your ride at the outhouse (east side of road).
You'll cross a wooden bridge, pedal through woods, and meadows.
At the reservoir, take the dirt road back to the parking lot.
A great trail for kids & those new to mountain biking.
MILEAGE: 1 1/2 miles, 240' elevation loss.
RATINGS: Newbies (beginner ~ nontechnical)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Beacon

It's a joy to be in God's mountains!
People were out enjoying the weather.
It was a warm sunny day & a cool breeze.
What a great Sunday hike.
Mullears were in bloom.

Big Beacon ~ Mount Wire Hike
Adventure in the foothills above Red Butte Garden,
up a canyon near the University of Utah.
See fantastic views of Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake.
Sorry, no restrooms are available anytime during this hike.
MEET PLACE: Red Butte/Bonneville Shoreline trailhead
DIRECTIONS: Google Map: "Wakara Way & Colorow Drive, SLC, Utah"
Near the U of U, follow signs to Red Butte Gardens,
park near the intersection of Wakara Way & Colorow Dr.

HIKE up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail & turn right heading south,
after a hill, turn left up a road towards the mountains,
once on the upper Shoreline trail turn right heading south,
take the trail up to the summit, on the south side of Georges Hollow,
you see a few water-bars on the way up,
continue straight up the mountain & do not take the trails to the north,
almost 1/2 way up there is a fork in the trail,
turn left for the "Living Room" (you'll be heading down)
or continue straight for the trail to the summit.
HIKE TIME: 3 1/4 hours
SHORTER HIKE: to the infamous "Living Room" (moderate)
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, energy snacks, first aid, camera, & jacket.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jordan River Parkway

Fantastic Spring day to praise God.

Bikers from Ogden drove to the Salt Lake area to join us on this bike ride. Today was the warmest day of the year, sunny and 70 degrees.

The Jordan River Parkway was a wonderful place to spend a Sunday afternoon. People were walking, skating, and biking along the paved trail.
Winchester Park is a safe place to meet & park your car.
At 2:15pm, we prayed and rode north to 3300 South.
Children were having fun chasing ducks in the picnic area.
It was a perfect Spring day.
We returned to our vehicles around 4:20pm.

Jordan River Parkway ~ Bicycle Ride
Enjoy a Sunday ride along the Jordan River
Ride time ~ 2 hours
Meet at Winchester Park trailhead
Meet Location ~ Winchester (6670 S.) & Murray Bluffs Rd. (1200 W.)
Directions ~ From State Street by the Fashion Place Mall, head west on Winchester 1.8 miles and turn right on Murray Bluffs Road.
Gear ~ helmet, pump, flat tire tools & repair kit, extra tube, water, snacks,
sunscreen, first aid, & bike gloves.
Ride Description ~ travel north to 3300 South & back.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

ANTELOPE ISLAND ~ tour de Island

God cares for us. God blessed us with a beautiful sunny day and a picture perfect blue sky. It was wonderful seeing the wild life he created; and the beautiful Great Salt Lake.
We had an enjoyable Spring outing, riding around Antelope Island State Park.

At 10:15am, we paid our entrance fee, prayed, and rode the 7 mile causeway. This is fun seeing water on both sides of the road and it is an easy stretch with no elevation gain. Entering the Island, you pass a Memorial, and marina. Traveling on pavement, we pedaled up to the visitor center to take a 10 minute break. Some of us saw Jack Rabbits. Coasting down to the beach, we rode over sand covered pavement. We saw tourists wandering out to the Great Salt Lake. We saw bison, on our climb up to Buffalo Point. We found a picnic table along the roadside, and had our lunch. Speeding down the road, we stopped at looked at some antelope by the road. They were grazing, and a couple of them were butting heads. Back on the causeway, it was 7 miles back to our cars. What a wonderful day, that God has made! We got back at 2pm.

"tour de Island" is a 21.7 mile bike ride.
Fees: $4 per biker, $9 per car driving on Island
Direction to Antelope Island State Park from SLC:
drive north on I-15,
take exit 332 "Antelope Drive," (one exit past Layton Hills Mall)
turn left on Antelope Dr. and head west to the Great Salt Lake,
turn left into large parking lot, before state park entrance booth.
Drive time from SLC: 50 minutes
Ratings: MODERATE ~ ride on pavement
Gear: helmet, long finger gloves, dress in layers, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, energy snacks, first aid, pump, extra tube, tools to change flats, camera, bike lock, binoculars, and spending money for visitor center or snack bar.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Outdoors with Jesus

Outdoors with Jesus is a free hiking and mountain biking club based in Northern Utah. As an informal Christian hiking club, we began in the Summer of 1986. Our club is open to both single and married adults.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss our Adventures in Utah, sharing trails, and descriptions of mountain bike rides, campouts, and hikes. Who knows, maybe you'll visit Utah one day or experience outdoors with Jesus.

Jesus said:
"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." Matthew 18:20 NAS