Saturday, October 17, 2009

Provo River Parkway

God blessed us with a wonderful Indian Summer day and great friends. It was wholesome exercise and great fall colors. It was fun seeing the Heber Creeper, blow its whistle and pull out of Vivian Park. A great day with Jesus!

DESCRIPTION: One of the best paved parkway trails in the state of Utah. This energetic ride is more fun than going to Lagoon. You'll ride over wooden bridges, glide under a canopy of golden leaves, and coast under narrow tunnels beneath major roads. At Bridal Veil Falls, you'll have to get off your bike and walk it for several hundred is a pedestrian zone. At Vivian Park, if you are lucky, you can see the Heber Creeper. You can ride this old train all the way from Heber to the park and back. When you return to the Geneva parking, ride your bicycle down toward Provo Lake and take the Skipper Bay Parkway, near Utah Lake.
RATINGS: Moderate, non-technical
KIDS: love riding shorter distances on this trail.
MILEAGE: 34 miles loop ~ elevation gain 700'
RIDE TIME: 4 hours
BICYCLES: Mountain bikes, road bicycles, etc.
DIRECTIONS: from SLC ~ allow 50 minutes
Take I-15 southbound toward Provo,
Take exit 265 (Utah Lake/KOA) and turn right,
Turn right on Geneva Road ~ north
Pass the KOA, & cross over the Provo River,
look for the trailhead sign & parking lot on the left.
YAHOO MAPS: 350 North, Geneva Road, Provo, UT
GEAR: It's a long ride, make sure you bring plenty of water, snacks, and bicycle gear to change flats. Wear you helmet & bring first aid.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adams Canyon

God blesses us with so many great adventures. It is wonderful to network with hikers from Centerville, Ogden, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake and Heber.

DESCRIPTION: Adams Canyon is a hiker's playground. It's wonderful hiking by a babbling stream, to a beautiful waterfall. If you love to climb, scramble over rocks, jump over logs, and get your feet wet crossing the stream, this hike is for you. This is a great adventure for kids, but you need to watch them at all times. Don't forget to bring a hiking's a lifesaver.
RATINGS: Moderate technical
MILEAGE: 3.9 miles round trip
HIKE TIME: 3 to 5 hours
from SLC take I-15 north, (45 minute drive)
after passing the Lagoon exit, take the US 89 exit,
follow US 89 northbound,
after passing "Oak Hills Drive," stoplight,
at the next side street,turn right & right again,
drive back near the Oak Hills Drive stoplight,
you'll find a dirt parking lot on the left side.
GOOGLE MAP: US 89 and Oak Hills Drive, Layton, Utah
PACK IT OUT: Make sure you pack out all your trash.