Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pipeline Trail

Wonderful warm Autumn day with Jesus!

We heard classical music on the trail from Log Haven. Today was free day in Millcreek canyon! And dogs enjoyed playing in the leaves.
DESCRIPTION: From the Burch Hollow trailhead, follow the pipeline trail west. This trail is great for hiking, jogging, walking dogs, and mountain biking. You'll enjoy walking through scrub oaks and see great canyon views. This makes a great evening hike, if you want to see city lights. Also, it is an easy snowshoe trail in the Winter.
RATINGS: Newbies
KID FRIENDLY ~ Watch out for bikers!
MILEAGE: 1.6 miles to Church Fork junction. We hiked 2 miles each way.
HIKE TIME: 2 hours
RESTROOMS: No restrooms at trailhead. You'll find some at picnic areas.
DOGS love this trail on odd days! More mountain bikers will be on the trail on even days, because they are allowed to ride the upper canyon.
GEAR: Bring water! This trail can be hot in the afternoon.
FEE: Millcreek Canyon fee is $3 per vehicle
DIRECTIONS: Enter Millcreek Canyon, 3800 South and Wasatch Blvd, SLC, UT

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Promontory to Round Valley

This was an energetic ride with Jesus! We had a head wind biking to Round Valley. The return trip was a blast, riding 15mph to 25mph back.

DESCRIPTION: At Promontory, ride the rail trail toward Park City. Be careful crossing the Kamas road. After riding the first paved section to the gate, turn right and bike up the road. You'll find a paved parkway trail on the right. Stay on this trail until you reach the ballpark. There are restrooms, pop machines, and picnic tables to take a break.
Take Quinns Trail south up the hill. Turn left at the next road. Go straight (north) at the next junction. Turn left, biking west up the next hill to a parking area. Across the parking lot, you'll find the Round Valley trails. Bike up the trail and do not take the side trails. Turn left on Cammy's trail. At the top you'll find a bench to sit on. Ride up the Seventy Seven trail and turn right on the Valderoad. You'll enjoy a roller coaster ride back to the ball park.
RATINGS: Moderate Technical
RIDE TIME: 3 hours
MILEAGE: 15 miles
PARK: Union Pacific Rail Trail ~ Promontory Station
DIRECTIONS: From SLC, take I-80 up Parleys Canyon, take US 40, then exit 2,
hang a left, drive east, turn right on Promontory Ranch Road. Look for parking lot with a restroom on the left with the Union Pacific Rail Trail sign.
DRIVE TIME: 35 minutes from SLC

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coldwater Overlook

We enjoyed a wonderful Autumn day with Jesus! Pictures can not even capture the beautiful fall colors. We saw hawks soar in the sky above, and cows on the trail.

DESCRIPTION: Look for the gated road below parking lot H. You'll find the Maples Trailhead sign. Take the old road down the hill. When you come upon a trail junction, do not take the Art Nord trail down. At the end of the road, you'll see a trail sign for Ogden Canyon Overlook by a picnic table. This is a great place for a break. The singletrack trail winds through a forest up the ridge to the saddle. Make sure you stay on the main trail, if you want to reach Coldwater Overlook. The trail is closed when wet. This trail is shared with horses, mountain bikers and leashed dogs.

RESTROOMS: Available in the Lodge and Gift shop.
RATINGS: Moderate
MILEAGE: 2.5 miles to Coldwater Overlook.
HIKE TIME: 3 hours
TRAILHEAD: Maples Trailhead
DRIVE TIME: 1 hour to Snowbasin from Salt Lake City.
DIRECTIONS: Take I-15 northbound, after passing the Lagoon exit, take US 89 north, then I-84 east, take Mountain Green exit, and follow signs up the hill to Snowbasin.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Marshall Lake

Incredible hike with Jesus. Today we saw some of the first Autumn colors. At Bald Mountain pass there was a sprinle of snow. On the trail, we hiked to four different lakes, walked on boardwalk, saw squirrels, and several even went fishing. We enjoyed lunch on the rocks overlooking the lake, had a Bible study and prayer.

DESCRIPTION: There's a good trail to Shepherd Lake. We made the mistake of following the main trail down to Hoover Lake. Go around Shepherd lake to the south east shore, and follow deer trails down to Marshall Lake, closer to the mountain.
RATINGS: Moderate
MILEAGE: 2 miles to Marshall Lake, and .1 miles to Hoover.
HIKE TIME: Allow 3 hours or more.
ELEVATION: 375' elevation loss to Marshall. You'll climb a hill on your return.
If you are hiking to Hoover Lake, add 82' elevation loss too.
NO RESTROOMS available! Bald Mountain & Mirror Lake have vault restrooms.
DRIVE TIME: 1 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City
TRAILHEAD: Fehr Lake Trailhead is 1.2 miles down the road from Bald Mountain Pass on the right. If you drive past Moosehorn Campground, you'll gone too far.
FEE: Mirror Lake Recreation Fee is $6 for 3 day pass.
GEAR: Map, water, jacket, hat, sunscreen, camera, food, compass and whistle.

Monday, September 6, 2010


God gave us a wonderful Labor Day hike. Cool air, sunny and a beautiful blue sky. We saw squirrels, birds and wildflowers.

DESCRIPTION: A beautiful forest trail, following a stream to the lake. Hike 1.9 miles to the trail junction, where you can go to either Dog or Desolation Lake. The last 1/2 mile is a steep climb, with 500' elevation gain. Why not enjoy a 1/4 mile walk around the lake.
RATINGS: Moderate
MILEAGE: 2.5 miles to the lake.
HIKE TIME: Allow 2 1/2 hours
KIDS: Some kids were on the trail.
Watch for mountain bikers.
WATERSHED: No dogs allowed in Big Cottonwood!
RESTROOMS are open during the summer near trail head.
DIRECTIONS: Big Cottonwood Canyon begins at Wasatch Blvd. and Fort Union Blvd. in Salt Lake City, Utah. Drive 9 miles up the canyon to Mill D and park.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Union Pacific Rail Trail

Wonderful bike ride with Jesus!

One biker shared some sliced watermelon. What a great idea!
DESCRIPTION: Wanship makes a great place to begin the Rail Trail. Riding through town, you'll see sheep and lamas. Leaving town, you'll cross wooden bridges, watch lazy cows, and see I-80. The first 6 miles is a gentle climb; then the trail levels out. There are shaded picnic tables to take breaks. Promontory has a restroom and is a great place for a break. The ride back to Wanship is exhilarating. Control your speed and watch out for loose gravel.
RATINGS: Moderate, non technical
MILEAGE: 17 miles loop
RESTROOMS: At Wanship & Promontory parking areas. No water available.
BIKE TIME: 3 hours, plus breaks.
GEAR: Take extra water! Wear a helmet, take a jacket, bring bike tools, extra tube, and patch kit. Energy foods and fruits are a must.
DIRECTIONS: From SLC, drive up I-80 eastbound, take Wanship exit, drive through town. Wanship Rail Trail parking is near the Spring Chicken Cafe, Hoytsville Road, and Old Lincoln Highway.