Monday, May 31, 2010

Box and Hog Canyon

DESCRIPTION: Jossie Morris, Butch Cassidy's girl friend, let her pigs run loose up Box Canyon, and her hogs up Hog Canyon. You'll enjoy two beautiful hikes from her cabin. You'll hear birds singing and view rare lilies.

It is fun to see her dirt floor cabin, chicken coop, and ranch. There are a few picnic table to enjoy lunch there.
Before visiting, it is recommended that you buy the "Tour of the Tilted Rocks" booklet at the park visitor center, where you can read more about the homestead and see a map.

DESCRIPTION: Jossie Morris raised pigs up this sandstone canyon.
MILEAGE: 1/4 mile each way.
RATINGS: Newbies
The easy trail ends, and offers difficult scrambling further up the canyon.
HIKE TIME: 1/2 hour
RESTROOMS are available at the parking area, 11 1/2 miles east of temporary visitor center.

DESCRIPTION: Jossie Morris raised hogs here. Beware of poison ivy.
Also, because this area is moist, we recommend bug spray.
MILEAGE: 3/4 miles each way.
HIKE TIME: 1 hour
RATINGS: Newbies, kids will love up it. Make sure they don't pick wildflowers.

Echo Park Road

It is great to be Outdoors with Jesus, where real adventures begin! The road travels from the top of the mountain, seen in the photo, down to the river below. A great place to escape from crowds and be with Jesus!

DESCRIPTION: This is a graded dirt road, that leads down to the Echo Park boat ramp and campground. Even though it is recommended for 4 x 4 vehicles, as long as it isn't wet, a regular vehicle with good clearance can make this road. Allow 1/2 day to enjoy this area.

TRAIL GUIDE BOOK: Exploring Dinosaur National Monument
Falcon Press, ISBN 0-7627-1093-4


  1. Whispering Cave
  2. Echo Park Campground, from site 11, view petroglyph
  3. Visit boat launch. If you have time, there is "Mitten trail."
  4. Chew Ranch.
  5. Petroglyphs on a sandstone wall.
DRIVE TIME: 50 minutes each way.

Harper's Corner Hiking Adventure

One of the most awesome areas God has created and the best hike in the area.
If you enjoy Grand Canyon views, you'll love this one.

DESCRIPTION: This trail is at the end of the "Harpers Corner Scenic Drive." The trail leads to a fenced in overlook and is similar to a Dead Horse Point overlook. You can see Echo Park, Green River, and jeep roads below.
DIRECTIONS: About 32 miles from park visitor center.
HIKE TIME: 1 1/2 hours
MILEAGE: 1 mile each way
RATINGS: Newbies, with exposure! Watch your kids.
RESTROOMS are available.
PICNIC area available.
GEAR: Take water, snacks, camera and a jacket.

Plug Hat Nature Trail

God gave us beautiful views. This is a great place to get out, stretch, and enjoy clean air. What a fun way to enjoy a day!

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a short walk on a paved trail, with nature signs. Make sure you buy a "Harpers Corner Scenic Drive" booklet before taking the auto tour or you'll miss out.
HIKE TIME: 15 minutes
RATINGS: Newbies, kids will love it. Beware of exposure.
MILEAGE: 1/4 mile loop
DIRECTIONS: About 5 miles north of Dinosaur, Colorado Monument Visitor Center, on the right side of the road. Look for marker 5.

Desert Voices Nature Trail

God gave us a beautiful evening hike, among the wildflowers, and gold rock desert. A quiet place to relax and be refreshed!

DESCRIPTION: A wonderful nature trail, beginning at the Split Mountain boat ramp parking area. The trail features nature signs, describing wildflowers, plants, animals, rock formations and environment. The trail winds through washes, climbs up hills, goes around bolders, and makes a loop. This trail also has an 1/2 mile connector route to the "Sounds of Silence" trail.
MILEAGE: 2 miles, 500' elevation gain
RATINGS: Moderate, kids will enjoy this hike.
HIKE TIME: Allow 2 hours.
EVENING HIKES: Make sure you take a flashlight.

Fantasy Canyon

An unique sightseeing adventures in Utah. Fantasy Canyon was originally named the 'Devil's Playground' or 'Hades Pit.' You feel like you really are going to hell driving there, smelling all the waste treatment facilities on the road out to the park. It's not too bad once your in the canyon.

DESCRIPTION: The trail is sometimes is hard to follow. Look for the round markers on the ground. They have arrows pointing to formations with different names. It is up to your imagination to find each formation.
DRIVE TIME is about 45 minutes from Vernal
MILEAGE: .6 miles
RATINGS: Newbies with some climbing.
HIKE TIME about 30 minutes.
RESTROOMS are available at the park.
NO FEES ~ free BLM area.

Download driving directions & map of formations!

Split Mountain Rafting

Jesus blessed us with one of the wildest rafting trips ever! It was great being on a 8 man raft. Today, not only did we splash through the rapids, but we had strong winds, racing up the canyon spraying us with water in cycles.

  1. MEETING PLACE ~Don Hatch in Vernal, Utah
  2. Bus Ride to Rainbow Park
  3. Hike to petroglyphs
  4. Boarded rafts at Rainbow Park
  5. Lunch on a beach
  6. Hike to Butch Cassidy's Cave
  7. Ending at Split Mountain Campground

This is a 9 mile river trip, traveling through a series of rapids, between Split Mountain Gorge. Our bus left 9am and we returned after 2pm.


Dinosaur National Monument

God gave us a fantastic weekend, away from the Memorial Day crowds, to a place with spring wildflowers, clean air, and beautiful stars.

Highlights of one the best campouts ever!

  1. SPLIT MOUNTAIN GORGE ~ white water rafting adventure
  2. BUTCH CASSIDY CAVE on the river
  3. FANTASY CANYON ~ hiking & exploring
  4. DESERT VOICES ~ nature trail
  5. SPLIT MOUNTAIN CAMPING near the Green River
  6. DINOSAUR NATIONAL MONUMENT ~ Visitor centers in Utah & Colorado
  7. HARPER CORNER AUTO TOUR ~ "Journey Through Time"
  10. HARPER CORNER ~ hiking adventure
  12. ECHO PARK TOUR ~ dirt road
  14. ECHO PARK CAMPGROUND ~ petroglyph
  18. CAMPFIRE ~ meal, fellowship & prayer
  21. BOX CANYON ~ hiking adventure
  22. HOG CANYON ~ hiking adventure
  23. PICNIC at the cabin

Dinosaur National Monument Free entrance to the park in 2010!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Waterfall Canyon loop

Beautiful sunny Spring day, hiking with Jesus. A wonderful way to start the Outdoors with Jesus 2010 hiking season. God is wonderful!

DESCRIPTION: From the 29th Street trailhead, go up to the Bonneville Shoreline trail. Turn left, and follow the trail to a spring. Turn right and head up the shoreline trail to a rock overlook. From there go to Waterfall Canyon up to the falls. And return the shorter way back.
RATINGS: Moderate, 900' elevation gain.
MILEAGE: 2 miles to the falls, & 1.4 miles back to parking lot.
HIKE TIME: Allow 3 1/2 hours to have a fun time.
KID FRIENDLY: Most kids can make this hike if you take your time.
TRAILHEAD: 29th Street in Ogden by the foothills.
DOGS are allowed if on leash.
NO RESTROOMS. Visit a gas station, coffee shop or grocery store.
DRIVE TIME from SLC: Allow 1 hour 15 minutes to drive through construction, use restrooms and reach trailhead.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mount Wire Loop

A beautiful May day, climbing to the summit. It's great seeing all the God's wildflowers along the trail. Some hiked to the saddle, while others hike to the top.

DESCRIPTION: A great trail to hike in Spring. It's dry and snow free! From the Bonneville Shoreline, there are several ways to reach the summit. The best trail is going up on the south side of George's Hollow. This trail forks with the Living Room trail, if you want to take a break. At the summit you'll find a red observation tower and two structures that remind you of movie screens. The loop hike down begins at the movie screens and follows the ridge line almost to the bottom. This section is steep, with loose rocks on the trail, and is similar to the Mount Olympus trail. Before climbing the last hill, you take a trail down to main trail in George's Hollow.

MILEAGE: 3.6 miles loop
RATINGS: Intermediate, 2100 elevation gain.
SUMMIT: 7,143'
PARK on Colorow Drive near the Bonneville Shoreline trailhead
GOOGLE MAP: "Wakara Way, Colorow Drive, Salt Lake City, UT"
HIKE TIME: Allow 3 or 4 hours to enjoy the hike
DOGS: are allowed on the trail. Make sure you bring water for you pet.