Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bell Canyon Falls

What a wonderful day God has created! The best I've ever seen, tremendous rushing water crashing over granite boulders. We enjoyed great fellowship and a cool morning hike. And best of all, there were few people by the falls.

DESCRIPTION: The trailhead begins in a Sandy neighborhood. For the first 1/2 mile you will climb up a Grand Canyon staircase to the lower reservoir.
The trail mellows out until you get to a forest area with a bubbling stream. It is fun crossing the wooden bridge and seeing wildflowers. The trail begins with a rocky climb up the hill. After hiking awhile you'll hear the roaring falls. At a fork in the trail, take a left. Be careful climbing down to the falls area and watch out for exposure. You'll have to go back to the fork in the trail to go to the second falls. Hike for 45 minutes up a steep rocky trail, & take a trail to the left.
KIDS may make the first falls if you hike in the cool time of day and bring extra water. But unless they are scouts, don't try to hike to the second falls with 'em.
LONE PEAK WILDERNESS: Group size is limited to 10.
WATERSHED: No dogs, no wading & no swimming.
Wasatch Blvd & Trailhead (10245 South), Sandy, Utah
NO RESTROOMS available
INTERMEDIATE to first falls, & DIFFICULT to second.
HIKE TIME: (5 hours total)

2 hours to first falls, 45 minutes to second falls and 2 hours hiking down.
MILEAGE: 2 miles to first falls & 1/2 mile more to second ~ 2370' e.g.
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, sack lunch, first aid, bug spray, camera, & jacket.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Millcreek Canyon Road

God's Spirit is like a cool canyon breeze.
Millcreek Canyon offers many evening hikes. From November 1 to July 1 the road is gated off at the Maple Cove area. Hikers and bikers enjoy the road free of traffic except for cabin owners who may drive up the road.

DIRECTIONS: Millcreek Canyon can be accessed from 3800 South and Wasatch Blvd, in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can leave extra cars at the park-n-ride lot on 3900 South & Wasatch Blvd. Drive to the Maple Cove picnic area, to the gate & park.
DESCRIPTION: Enjoy walking up a forest road, hearing a rushing stream.
MILEAGE: We hiked 2 miles up the road. (660' elevation gain) There is a pull-off with rocks to sit on, by the stream at the marker.

GEAR: Make sure you bring a flashlight & jacket for all evening hikes. It is good to have bug spray too. Bring water, energy food, and hiking gear.
Dogs must be kept leashed on the road & parking lots every day.
Make sure you clean up after your dog.
KIDS enjoy this hike.

FEE charged per vehicle leaving the canyon.
WALKING ON ROADS: Keep right, walking up the road. And kept left, walking down the road. Bikers come down the road fast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Big Cottonwood Overlook

Outdoors with Jesus began in June 1986. Our first hike was up Mill B North Fork. Celebrating our 22nd Anniversary we hiked up to the overlook.

DESCRIPTION: Be careful crossing the road to the north side of the canyon.
If you would like to see HIDDEN FALLS, a dry trail is found by scrambling around the large rock, counterclockwise. Please remember that this is a Watershed Area. No dogs, no wading, and no washing in the water. This is our drinking water!
MILL B NORTHFORK, begins by going up some Grand Canyon staircase. The first climb is steep & more Intermediate. You'll get some great views of the S Curve as you begin switchbacking.
You'll drop over the hill and follow a bubbling stream. Huge rocks and forest make this a wonderful setting entering the Mount Olympus Wilderness area.
After climbing more switchbacks, you'll head south to the canyon edge. As the trail turns east, you'll find a large trail leading to the rocky overlook with steep exposure. This is the Mill B North Fork Overlook.
TRAILHEAD: North side of road at the S Curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
HIKE TIME: 40 minutes to the Overlook & 30 minutes return.
MILEAGE: 1 1/2 mile est. to overlook
GEAR: Water, bug spray, hiking pole, camera, first aid, and energy food. Make sure you pack out your garbage!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adams Canyon

Feels like Summer is finally here. God blessed us with a warm day. It was enjoyable hiking by a bubbling stream. Along the way we saw smaller falls, and even a hidden pond. We saw a lot more water coming down than previous years. It was wonderful!

DESCRIPTION: Adams canyon is a playground for hikers, offering scrambling over rock, climbing on a ledge, wooden bridges, walking up a stream and being sprayed by the midst of a waterfall. NO RESTROOMS: (nearby gas stations north of Oak Hills Dr. on US 89)
MEET PLACE: Adams Canyon dirt parking lot,
DRIVE TIME: 35 minutes, 27 miles from SLC
from SLC

take I-15 north, (45 minute drive)
after passing the Lagoon exit, take exit 324 ~ US 89 North,
when you pass through OAK HILLS DRIVE,
turn right at the next street,
turn right again, drive south on East Side Drive to a dirt parking lot, east of the Oak Hills Intersection.

take US 89 south toward Farmington,
after passing mile marker 402,
turn left at the next street,
turn right and drive south on East Side Drive to a dirt parking lot, east of the Oak Hills Dr. Intersection.
KIDS enjoy this hike, but must be supervised at all times.
MILEAGE: 3.9 miles round trip
ELEVATION GAIN: 1212' elevation gain
HIKE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, energy food, sack lunch, first aid, camera, jacket & water shoes. Don't forget the hiking poles!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grove Creek Falls

What a wonderful day with Jesus. Spectacular falls, and canyon overlooks. This was a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Humming birds & beautiful wildflowers.
Roaring water from the stream below. Fresh air and a cool breeze, and sunny.

Energetic climb in the foothills above Pleasant Grove, Utah. Entering the canyon, the first 1/2 mile climbs up loose rock. The trail follows a rushing stream, surrounded by scrub oaks. When the trail splits, take the narrow one that goes up the left side. The trail is steep, with exposure and not recommended for kids, dogs, or mountain bikers. There are great views of Provo Lake and the canyon below. After hiking 1 1/4 hours, you'll see the first waterfall from an overlook.
Because of loose shale, it is too dangerous to hike to the base of it. 15 minutes later, you will see from an overlook a majestic falls. Above the falls is a wooden bench you can sit on and enjoy the scenery. After taking a rest, hike a little further to the first bridge, where you'll see the water cascading. This would be a good turn around point.
DRIVE TIME: 45 minutes ~ 36 miles from SLC
DIRECTIONS: from SLC take I-15 southbound,
take exit 278 and turn left on Main Street,
keep following US 89 toward the mountains,
(look for the canyon on the left side of the G on the mountain)

look for Macey's large American flag,
turn left on "Pleasant Grove Blvd-Center Street" and drive east,

turn left at the 100 East (stop light)
travel north a few blocks,

after passing a ranger station turn right on 500 North,
(500 North) becomes Grove Creek Drive,
drive up Grove Creek Dr. all the way to the mountain,
trailhead parking lot has picnic tables and a restroom.

HIKE TIME: 1 1/2 hours to main falls, & 1 hour return to trailhead.
MILEAGE: 2 miles to the upper falls
ELEVATION GAIN: 1560' elevation gain
GEAR: Sun protection, hat, water, hiking poles, sack lunch, first aid, camera, & jacket.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Historic Rail Trail

Enjoyable ride began with prayer. Our riders saw moose, goats, lamas, cows, horses, Sand Hill Cranes, pelicans, seagulls, and a beaver. Echo Reservoir was so full of water that the Cottonwood trees where people camp, and play on the beach was under water.


DESCRIPTION: Great mountain bike ride, building up endurance. Enjoyable ride passing through farmland, bubbling streams, crossing wooden bridges, seeing cows and horses. There's even benches and picnic tables along the way. Take a break at the Coalville station, where you can munch on some food, sit on a bench, and find a restroom. After being refreshed, continue north, riding to Echo Reservoir. Ride until you reach the main campground. (There is a fee to enter) This is where we turn around. RATINGS: MODERATE ~ 23 miles round trip. Kids may ride part way and turn back. It's too long of a ride for beginners. RIDE TIME: 3 1/2 hours
MEET PLACE: Wanship Rail Trail paved parking area.
RESTROOMS: At the Wanship & Coalville parking lots.
DIRECTIONS: 40 minutes drive time from SLC.
Take I - 80 east bound toward Wyoming, take Wanship exit,
turn left and drive all the way out of town passing the Spring Chicken Inn, turn right, than turn left into Wanship Rail Trail parking lot & restroom.
RESTROOMS available at Wanship & Coalville Stations.
Parking lot and rest area for bikers.
BIKES: Mountain bikes (non-motorized bikes)
GEAR: make sure you bring a helmet, pump, bug spray, extra tube, first aid, bike tools, water, bug spray, energy snacks, salty foods, sunscreen and a jacket. It is good to have a cooler and snacks awaiting in your vehicle after you return.