Saturday, March 31, 2012

Coyote Buttes North

After applying for the lottery for three years, we won a permit to go see the WAVE.   We prayed for three months, for good weather and God blessed us with a warm sunny day in March.   The Wave is incredible evidence of a world-wide flood.   Under water waves, and mud whipped in the wind after the flood receded.

HIKE TIME:  We spent 8 hours playing in the desert.
GEAR:  Sports drinks, camera, jacket, lunch, water, salty food, sun protection, hat, maps, GPS, and a permit.
PERMITS:  Each month there is a lottery for four months in advance.   Only 10 persons per day will be given a permit from the lottery.   If you can't get a lottery permit, you may try for a Walk-In permit.   Show up at the Paria BLM visitor center the day before you want the permit; and they will have an early morning drawing for permits.
DIRECTIONS:  Because this is a protected area, you'll have to get this info from the BLM office.  

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