Saturday, April 2, 2011

explore de Isle

God gave us a wonderful day for a Spring bike ride and a hike to the top of Buffalo Point. It was buggy on the causeway; but bug free on the Isle. We saw a jack rabbit near the beach. Jesus held back the stormy weather until our trip home.


DESCRIPTION: An energetic bicycle ride onto the Island, up to the visitor center, down to the beach, and up to Buffalo Point. (Buffalo Grill has moved down to the beach and opens 11am.) Locking our bicycles, we hike up Buffalo Point to a rocky area to eat lunch. It was fun coasting down the hill back to the causeway.

RATING: MODERATE - not for kids and too long for most beginners.

RESTROOMS: Available throughout the park.

MILEAGE: 21 miles total

TIME: Allow 4 hours from start to finish.

FEE: $3 per bicycle rider (senior discount available too)

DIRECTIONS: Take I-15 to Syracuse/Layton, exit onto Antelope Drive and head west toward the Great Salt Lake.

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