Monday, May 31, 2010

Box and Hog Canyon

DESCRIPTION: Jossie Morris, Butch Cassidy's girl friend, let her pigs run loose up Box Canyon, and her hogs up Hog Canyon. You'll enjoy two beautiful hikes from her cabin. You'll hear birds singing and view rare lilies.

It is fun to see her dirt floor cabin, chicken coop, and ranch. There are a few picnic table to enjoy lunch there.
Before visiting, it is recommended that you buy the "Tour of the Tilted Rocks" booklet at the park visitor center, where you can read more about the homestead and see a map.

DESCRIPTION: Jossie Morris raised pigs up this sandstone canyon.
MILEAGE: 1/4 mile each way.
RATINGS: Newbies
The easy trail ends, and offers difficult scrambling further up the canyon.
HIKE TIME: 1/2 hour
RESTROOMS are available at the parking area, 11 1/2 miles east of temporary visitor center.

DESCRIPTION: Jossie Morris raised hogs here. Beware of poison ivy.
Also, because this area is moist, we recommend bug spray.
MILEAGE: 3/4 miles each way.
HIKE TIME: 1 hour
RATINGS: Newbies, kids will love up it. Make sure they don't pick wildflowers.

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